Research Science, Engineering, and Technology People, Society, and Industry

Research is a top priority for Dr. Rashidi. His research is focused on the impact of Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) on people, society, and industry. Dr. Rashidi studies engineering design process, design thinking, continuous improvement, innovation, emerging technologies, trends, technology and society, human-machine interaction, human factors, creativity, and future of work.

Almost everything is being changed by science, engineering, technology. Rapid advances in nanotechnology, additive manufacturing (3D printing), biotechnology, neurotechnology, internet of things (IoT), information technology, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, automation, and robotic are redefining various sectors including medical, manufacturing, education and learning, energy, transportation, food and agriculture, workforce, and globalization.

Companies, educational institutions, teams, and individuals should pay a great attention to continuous improvement as a key consideration to achieve prosperity. They also need to keep pace with advances, innovations, and trends to stay current and thrive.

Dr. Rashidi provides people, society, and industry with knowledge and insights on how to benefit from these advances, innovations, and trends and how to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world.

Continuous Improvement

Design Thinking

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