Design Thinking Tools and Techniques for Everyday Life

You can use these design thinking tools and techniques to design, prototype, and create the life you want.

Make the world a better system, not just a better place.

Product development process is used to turn an idea into reality. You can use a similar process to develop yourself and continuously become a better version of yourself based on your needs, wants, and wishes. Your needs, wants, and desires are continuously changing. Therefore, continuous improvement keeps you playing the game of life with joy.

Prototyping is very useful to make better decisions.

Understanding the complexity of a dynamic system such as life makes you empathize with yourself, live in the present moment, cherish the beauty of life, embrace flexibility, and enjoy life as it is while making it better.

If you study the life of people that have the type of career that you want to have, you can discover the advantages and disadvantages of that career based on your values. This method helps you to make better decisions about your life and career.

Keep your life simple to make it more enjoyable.

Set goals that are aligned with what you want out of life. Explore and design alternative ways to achieve your goals. It is better to be flexible about the path you want to take. Choose a path that provides you with joy and growth, a path that makes you happier in the process of growth and achievement.

Explore the variations of a life and career that you want to have. Stay flexible to achieve and maintain success.

Use modular design and retrofitting to keep up with advances, innovations, and trends. This method provides you with the ability to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world.

You should have a want to know and understand yourself and your values, so that you can make better decisions about your life and career.

Good and high quality thoughts and ideas are those that factor in human emotions and experiences.

Constraints improve creativity, innovation, and problem solving skills.

A more suitable path toward achieving your goals is a path that provides you with more agility and flexibility.

To design and create useful and high quality products, you should understand people and society.

Using informational interviews or prototype conversations is a very productive method to explore your interests, learn more about your options and preferences, and make better decisions about your life and career.

You can use design thinking as an effective and interesting approach for life and career optimization.

Design thinking is like a lubricant for your brain. It dramatically improves the performance of your brain.