How to Improve Your Productivity

I simply see productivity improvement as producing more value per unit of a specific resource or resources such as time, energy, and money.

In order to increase your productivity, first you need to define value. What do you consider as value or what does your company consider as value? Of course, the answer to this depends on your goals. Therefore, you should know your goals. You need to clarify your goals.

Once, you know what value means to you, identify the tasks, activities, and processes that create more value to your life or your company. There are the items with the biggest impact on achieving your goals. Spend most of your resources including your time and energy on these tasks, activities, and processes. These high impact items should matter most to you. It is about doing the right things. In fact, it is also about identifying the non-value-added tasks, activities, and processes and eliminating them from your life or your company. These non-value-added items are waste, and it is better to get rid of them gradually and focus more and more on what matters most.